Selected Publications and Conference Proceedings

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Balan, S., Rege, J. (April 2017). Mining for Social Media: Usage Patterns of Small Businesses. Business Systems Research Journal, Vol.  8, No. 1. (*At the time of publication, Janhavi Rege was a MBA student at CSULA).

Balan, S. (March 2017). Exploring Strategies in Teaching and Learning Introductory Programming. CUE Conference, Palm Springs, CA.

Balan, S., Otto, J., Minasian, E.(Feb 2017). Big Data Analysis of Cyber Security Risks in Supply Chain, CSUPOM 2017 Conference, Cal Poly-Pomona. (*At the time of publication, Edgar Minasian was an undergrad student at CSULA).

S. Balan, J. Otto (December 2016). Big Data Analysis of Home Healthcare Services. Journal of  Information Technology and Management Science, 2016, Vol.19. Indexed in: EBSCO, Google Scholar, Ulrich’s International Periodicals Directory, VINITI.

Kale, P., Balan, S. (2016, December). Big Data Application in Job Trend Analysis. IEEE Big Data 2016 conference. Washington D.C. (*At the time of publication, Priyanka Kale was a MSIS student at CSULA).

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