What’s New-Latest News

September 2017: My book on Business Intelligence in Healthcare is now available in the E-book format. For E-book Version (click here): Business Intelligence in Healthcare with IBM Watson Analytics

September 2017: Co-authored a full Book on Business Intelligence in Healthcare. Book link (Paperback format):  (click here) Business Intelligence in Healthcare with IBM Watson Analytics 

September 2017: Paper on Mobile Apps for Education published in the ACET Journal of Computer Education and Research, co-authored with Nanda Ganesan and Bariaa Shatila.

July 2017: Received the Microsoft Research Award for Healthcare Analytics project, 2017-2018.

April 2017: Invited to speak at the Big Data Healthcare event at Stanford University to be held in May 2017.

March 2017: Paper on Social Media Mining accepted in the Business Systems Research Journal, co-authored with MBA student Janhavi Rege. (Journal indexed in the Cabell’s directory).

February 2017: CIS student team mentored by me won the poster competition for the College of Business Category at the Annual CSULA-Student Research Symposium on February 24th, 2017. Poster title: Data Analysis of Green Environment in California.

January 2017: Submission Accepted at the CSUPOM 2017 Conference. Topic Title: Big Data Analysis of Cyber Security Risks in Supply Chain, co-authored with Joseph Otto and Edgar Minasian.

December 2016: Big Data Analysis in Healthcare paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Information Technology and Management Science, co-authored with Joseph Otto. (Journal indexed in the Cabell’s directory).

November 2016: Big Data Analytics paper accepted in the IEEE conference at Washington D.C in Dec. 2016, co-authored with Priyanka Kale, MSIS student from Cal State-LA.

October 2016: Received the Faculty Scholar award at the event Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

August 2016: Pooja Sarang, past MSIS student from California State University-LA who worked on a Grant project in Healthcare Analytics with me in Spring 2016 found a job in Analytics in the east-coast of United States.

August 2016: Awarded the ‘Most Promising Research‘ award by the College of Business at California State University-LA in August 2016

July 2016:Received a Grant Award on Big Data Analytics in Healthcare. Awarded by California State University-LA for the academic year 2016-2017

July 2016: Submitted Analytics research work on Tableau to IEEE, co-authored with Priyanka Kale, MSIS student at Cal State-LA

July 2016: Article on Text Mining was accepted in the Journal of Computer Information Systems

May 2016: Data Analytics research accepted for presentation at the SciTS conference in Phoenix, Arizona, co-authored with Dr. Otto and Pooja Sarang. Pooja Sarang. MSIS student from Cal State-LA presented at the conference.

November 2015: Received a Grant Award on Big Data Analytics in Healthcare. Awarded by California State University-LA for the academic year 2015-2016